We build Web Solutions that work

Do you do websites? – is a question we are asked amost everyday. The answer is yes. However our businesses and services are designed to do much more.

“But all I want is a website.”

No doubt. We help you put a solution together that meets your goal of your website. Different goals are served best using different techniques and applications. For example, if you are trying to sell a product or service, you should consider designing a workflow that sells. Often we see sites trying to sell their product or service provide loads of information on the company, its history and list of the services they offer but very little information that compells the visitor to actually buy this service from them and how to get it.

Yes, we build websites. But what really gets us excited is building web solutions that work for you. How we do this is quite simple:

 1. We take the time to understand your goals

2. We help you through a process of translating those goals onto paper (yes paper) and then into live action on the internet

3. We give you insight and recommendations on how to create the best solutions and on how to deploy it.

4. We help you consider up front how to best maintain and grow your investment in your web solution

5. We focus on your supporting you and your customers.

The number web-based services and applications available and in user are mind boggling and growing rapidly. Our team is available to help you make sense of it all and deploy solutions that may even surprise you.

Here is a list of our key services that we use

eBusiness Planning

Website Content Management

eMarketing & Online Advertising

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Social Networking

Multimedia web (podcasting, blogs, video etc.)

Building online communities

There’s a bit more. What is unique about our business is that we are also active operators and developers of online communities and properties. This is an important part of our business. It helps us continue to deploy leading edge applications and services in a real environment so we can continue to be on the forefront of how web-based services are used in the marketplace. It also allows us to create online communities such as that bring value to the businesses we serve.

If you want to no more about how we can help your business big or small please use the form below to contact us immediately.